My Humble Opinion on Opinions, Humble and Otherwise


Nothing is more dangerous than an instinctive opinion or compulsion with no logical or empirical foundation. This is why elders deserve the respect and appreciation not only from their children and students, but from their society and the world at large. It is summarized as “life experience”. I’d like to think of it as knowledge through years of research. People take time to fully understand a concept and learn enough about it to make a real opinion. Otherwise, they may come  to appreciate their place in the world and be unassuming enough to know they can successfully get through this world without ever having an opinion- at all.  The latter is more humbling, for there are many things beyond us which we’ll never understand. There are many things in this world which we’re not meant to understand. In a way, it give a person their sense of wonder- their innocence and youthful energy to approach everyday. Wisdom and ignorance dance a delicate tango. They intertwine with finesse and strength. An opinion is a state of mind which shuts you off from absorbing new experiences into your bank of research.


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