The TV and Me

Unlike the last several personally bleak posts…. Here’s a personally goofy one.

Blogging on the bandwagon but against popular opinion, I loved the finale of How I Met Your Mother! Full disclosure- I watched it three times, crying into my pillow each time. I understand the outrage- but I just thought it was great. Each character found a resolution, each character got to go their separate way to accomplish or find their personal goals. The finale was not about things that were necessarily “meant to be”- It was about growing up and how drastically things can change. It was about living out your life and doing what you need to do.

Anyhow- reading all the outrage about the How I Met Your Mother finale and comparing my personal opinion got me thinking: How deeply am I affected by pop culture? The answer is, pop culture runs deep. Sadly, I find solace in music, movies, and most often TV shows.


The lessons I learned from How I Met Your Mother will rank among these other gems in their significance to my life.

  • My philosophy on friendship can be summarized in the final scenes of “The Jungle Book”.
  • I include “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias in all my workout and running playlists.  The intensity of the song translates into many realms.
  • Everything I know about confidence, sex, and femininity, I learned from Prince.
  • One of the first impressions I had about going to college was: “This is as close to Harry Potter as I’ll ever get”.