I Would Never Lie to You, No

I sink into the bubbles, cradled in hot water.  The lavender tea candle burns slowly atop the bath, the object on which I’ve fixed my stare. I’m everywhere and no where at the same time.

The sound emanating from my small speaker on the floor melds into my body and we become one with the water.The music playing is a blur. My blank concentration always fades right at the same time in the song- almost instinctively, I cry out loud with The Background,

“And I would never lie to you, no. I would never lie to you, no.”

I am awakened back to consciousness with a lump in my throat. My eyes water as if I’m choking. The blurriness comes into focus, and every word is a new object of my fixed concentration. It plays over and over. I feel the words for hours.Image

Some days, I watch TV instead. The warm and fuzzy bath double teams with the theme song. I sink into the bubbles, cradled in hot water. My mind is blank and I absorb the welcoming piano, leaning my head back and forth to the music,

“You want to be where everybody knows your name.”

The same lump in my throat appears. I close my eyes, battling the choking feeling. I transport myself into Cheers, where I walk in and sit at a table to the right of the bar. I sit there for hours, people watching in my bathtub.